Una historia de hospitalidad

La fantástica historia de la abadía de Grimbergen inspiró la reconstrucción de la nueva cervecería de la abadía. Para obtener más información sobre la gran comunidad de Grimbergen, haz clic aquí.

Anclada en la hospitalidad

Legend has it that at the time the abbey was built, passing travelers used to visit it, as they continue to do today.

Luckily, they knocked on the right door. The monks of Grimbergen welcomed them with open arms and offered them a glass of their craft beer as a welcome,

A brewing tradition that some 900 years later inspired the legendary Grimbergen beer.

Otra época

At that time, the water was unhealthy and could transmit a multitude of diseases. On the other hand, when brewing the beer and adding the necessary nutrients, it was made drinkable. Hence, beer was a drink suitable for consumption.


While the monks of Grimbergen led a solitary life of work and prayer, they also believed strongly in treating others as you wish to be treated. They believed in community and welcomed people with open arms and, of course, a good glass of Grimbergen beer.

Solo el principio

To this day, the abbey continues to anchor itself in the traditions of hospitality and brewing that made it possible to serve those people nine centuries ago. Whether bottled or draft, foreign or local, the friars will continue to spread the true spirit of Grimbergen for generations to come.

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