Servir a la perfección

La misma atención y precisión que se han puesto en la elaboración de cada cerveza Grimbergen desde 1128 deben ponerse en el arte de servirla y verterla.

La diferencia está en el cáliz

It all starts with the perfect glass. That's why we created our own Grimbergen chalice glass. Precision crafted to allow the beer to release its indulgent aromas and amplify the senses. Its rounded shape enhances the bubbles and provides more softness and stability to the foam.

Cómo tirar una cerveza

Let's now get to the perfect way to serve a beer.

Hold the glass by the base and tilt it at a 45-degree angle as you pour the beer from the bottle.
Fill it halfway and, with a gentle but purposeful movement, straighten the glass.
If done correctly, you should be left with a two-finger-thick layer of foam.
And one last thing: the perfect beer is always served cold.
We guarantee you will notice the difference.

Ritual para servir una cerveza a la perfección

The glass must be clean, cold and dry.
Hold it by the base at an angle of 45 degrees.
Fill it halfway.
Straighten it to 90 degrees.
The foam should be about 20 mm high.
To enjoy a perfect beer, serve it at 8 degrees.

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