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The connection between tradition and innovation is our driving force.

The next chapter in our history
Tradition meets modern-day techniques

The Grimbergen Abbey Brewery is the next chapter in Grimbergen’s 900 years of brewing history,
combining centuries of brewing knowledge with new-world experimentation and the best ingredients to brew delicious brews.

We are bringing brewing back to where it all started and crafting new beers inside the walls of the abbey for the first time in over 200 years.
A great achievement for the Fathers, for the Grimbergen community and for all those who love Grimbergen beer.

Continuing the legacy of generations of fathers

Father Karel is the first Father to combine formal brewing training with generations of Abbey beer-making knowledge.

He marries centuries of brewing heritage at the abbey with Master Brewer Marc-Antoine Sochon’s modern techniques to revive brewing at Grimbergen Abbey and continues the legacy of generations of Fathers before him.

In order to brew truly heavenly beer for ages to come, The Abbey Brewery was blessed by the Fathers too, with Abbott Eric de Sutter carrying out the blessing.

Ardet nec consumitur
Grimbergen at a glance

Crafted with passion since after 1128, Grimbergen is a range of award-winning premium and sensorial Belgian-style beers.

Known as The Beer of the Phoenix – a symbol inspired by three devastating fires Grimbergen Abbey has survived – Grimbergen’s range of beers is the result of tried and tested brewing techniques and experimentation over nine centuries.

Grimbergen’s delicious taste is rich and characterful, fruity and spicy, right across the range, from rich blondes to malty doubles and refreshing blanches.

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