Grimbergen Blanche

Refreshing and Balanced - 6.0% ABV

A light yellow Belgian-style witbier with refreshing notes of citrus fruits, cloves, coriander and bergamot. Sporting a beautiful creamy foam, Grimbergen Blanche is a Belgian-style Witbier with the classical notes of tangy citrus, spicy coriander and cloves. Ripe fruit aromas dominate throughout, supported by notes of coriander and bergamot.


Ripe fruit, coriander and cloves notes

Wheat malt

Wheat malt adds a combination of tangy citrus and spicy coriander



Refreshing & balanced Belgian-style

Witbier – meaning “white beer” – has a cloudy white appearance. Brewed with wheat malt, the classic witbier taste is a combination of notes of tangy citrus, spicy coriander and cloves.

Grimbergen Double Ambree goes well with...

...lighter dishes, including seafood, cheeses or a salad with baked cheese like the classic Chévre Chaud salad.

If planning a menu, Grimbergen Blanche will work wonders with dishes based on the following ingredients:
White fish, Shell fish, Cheeses (Fresh cheese and Goat’s cheese), Cauliflower, Asparagus, Cucumber, Dill, Coriander Leaf, Salad leafs, Peas, Almond, Apple, Grapefruit, Citrus.

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