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Welcome to Fenikshof - Belgian cuisine at its finest

At Fenikshof you will experience cosy and high-quality culinary excellence, time and again. Our suggestions and festivity formulas are varied from time to time, which means that every time you visit Fenikshof, you will always discover unexpected tastes.

The kitchen is open from 12.00 - 21.00 all days of the week.

Limited edition Grimbergen on tap

As a truly special new offering, we have the following limited edition brews from the Grimbergen Abbey Brewery on tap.

grimbergen ignis quadruple

Smoky, fiery and spicy. A special experience.

grimbergen magnum opus

Crisp, light and elegant. Our finest work yet.

grimbergen astrum pale ale

A perfectly balanced mix of Papaya, passion fruit, gooseberry and orange.
ALC.VOl 6%


You can enjoy the different dishes and the new Grimbergen beers in a very pleasant atmosphere, next to the basilica of Grimbergen.

Expect savoury food & beer experiences that embody the best of Belgian cuisine and brewmanship. Authentic, full and hearty dishes paired with the finest Grimbergen beer in an unparallelled atmosphere, just next to the historic Grimbergen Abbey.

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Want to host a party at Fenikshof? Explore our banquet rooms here

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You’ll find us Abdijstraat 20, 1850 Grimbergen, just beside the Grimbergen Abbey. We look forward to welcoming you!

Fenikshof - Grimbergen Bar & Restaurant

Abdijstraat 20, 1850 Grimbergen

+ 32 2 306 39 56
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