Explore the next chapter in Belgian brewing

The fantastic history of the Grimbergen Abbey inspired the reconstruction of the new Grimbergen Abbey Brewery. Learn more about the the great Grimbergen community right here.

The new Grimbergen Abbey Brewery

A state-of-the-art innovation hub

Located at the heart of the Grimbergen Abbey, the new Grimbergen Abbey Brewery combines the best of brewing traditions from the ancient books of the abbey’s library with new and innovative techniques to craft unique, limited-edition batches of exceptional premium beers.

Celebrating the opening, three exciting new brews have been released - Grimbergen Magnum Opus Brut Beer, Grimbergen Ignis Quadruple and Grimbergen Astrum Pale Ale.

A very special rebirth

Brewing returns to the Abbey for the first time in more than 200 years

Marking the next chapter to a truly beautiful story of continuous rebirth and renewal, the new Grimbergen Abbey Brewery allows the Fathers of Grimbergen to continue the legacy of generations of Fathers before.

Father Karel Stautemas, Provisor at the Abbey and Abbey Brewer, said: “The new microbrewery is a place to reignite past traditions, just like our symbol, the Phoenix. We always have the strength to rise again, but to add fresh thinking too. We want to combine our experience, nearly nine centuries of it, with innovation in pursuit of the most delicious and unique new brews.”

New beers Explore


Explore the story of the Grimbergen Abbey


Experience the Grimbergen Fenikshof Bar & restaurant

Belgian cuisine at its finest

Expect savoury food & beer experiences that embody the best of Belgian cuisine and brewmanship. Authentic, full and hearty dishes paired with the finest Grimbergen beer in an unparallelled atmosphere, just next to the historic Grimbergen Abbey.

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