Un phénix ardent

Tout comme le phénix, l’abbaye de Grimbergen a su renaître de ses cendres après les trois incendies. C’est la raison pour laquelle le phénix est le symbole de l’abbaye de Grimbergen.

Maintenir la flamme en vie

Nearly nine centuries ago, in a small village north of Brussels, a group of monks from the Norbertine order laid the first stone of what would become Grimbergen Abbey. But this abbey is not like the others. It was destroyed by flames. Not once, but three since its creation in 1128.

But no matter the challenge, the monks always kept the flame alive and found a way to rebuild their abbey. Again and again. Stone by stone. Reborn from the ashes, like the legend of the Grimbergen phoenix.

Renaître de ses cendres

"During religious wars, the abbey was ravaged by fire for the second time in a few hundred years.
It was at this moment that the monks and the community decided to make the phoenix their emblem."

Une passion ardente

"The symbolic meaning of the Grimbergen phoenix represents the continued pursuit of delicious brews and the ability to overcome challenges.
Therefore, the phoenix embodies not only the bravery of the monks, but also their strong belief in a bright future for Grimbergen beer ."

"For even with the abbey destroyed, their fiery passion never faded.
Today you can taste this unique strength of character in every sip of a delicious Grimbergen, whether you prefer the roundness and balance of the Blonde, the freshness of Blanche or the rich and malty character of Double Ambrée."

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