Une histoire d’hospitalité

L’histoire incroyable de l’abbaye de Grimbergen a inspiré la reconstruction de la nouvelle brasserie de l’abbaye de Grimbergen Apprenez-en davantage ici à propos de la grande communauté Grimbergen.

Ancrée dans l’hospitalité

According to legend, very soon after the creation of the abbey, travelers frequently went there (which they still do today).

Fortunately, they were knocking on the right door. They were welcomed with open arms by the monks of Grimbergen and served a glass of homemade beer to warm their spirits.

A brewing tradition which almost 900 years later inspired the legendary Grimbergen beer.

Une autre époque

At that time, the water was unsanitary and could carry many diseases.
However, brewing beer made it possible to purify the water and add necessary nutrients to the beer. The beer was therefore suitable for consumption.


While the monks of Grimbergen lived solitary lives of work and prayer, they wanted to treat others the way they wanted to be treated.
They had faith in the community and welcomed people with open arms, with, of course, a glass of Grimbergen.

Ce n’est que le début

To this day, the abbey is deeply rooted in the hospitality and brewing traditions that allowed it to begin serving people 900 years ago.
Whether in bottle or barrel, to foreigners or locals, the monks will continue to spread the true spirit of Grimbergen for generations to come.

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