Eine Geschichte der Gastfreundschaft

Die erstaunliche Geschichte der Abtei Grimbergen lieferte die Inspiration für den Wiederaufbau der neuen Abteibrauerei Grimbergen. Erfahre hier mehr über die herausragende Gemeinde Grimbergen.

In Gastfreundschaft verwurzelt

According to tradition, in the first years after the abbey was founded, travelers often came to visit, which is still true today.

Luckily they knocked on the right door. They were welcomed with open arms by the Grimberg brothers
and were given a glass of home-brewed beer to fortify themselves.

A beer tradition that almost 900 years later provided the inspiration for the legendary Grimbergen beer.

Andere Zeiten

At that time the water was polluted and contained countless germs. The water used in brewing beer has been purified through the brewing process; In addition, it was enriched with the necessary nutrients during brewing. That's why it was healthy to drink beer.


The brothers in Grimbergen led a secluded life consisting of work and prayer.
But they also firmly believed that you should treat other people the way you wanted to be treated yourself. Community and hospitality were important to them. Of course this also included a glass of good Grimbergen beer.

Erst der Anfang

To this day, hospitality is deeply rooted in the abbey, as is the brewing tradition that made it possible to serve people good food nine hundred years ago. Whether from the bottle or on tap, whether exotic or local beers - the brothers will pass on the true spirit of Grimbergen to future generations.

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