Een geschiedenis van gastvrijheid

De fantastische geschiedenis van de abdij van Grimbergen vormde de inspiratie voor de wederopbouw van de nieuwe abdijbrouwerij van Grimbergen. Ontdek hier meer over de grote abdijgemeenschap van Grimbergen.

Geworteld in gastvrijheid

According to legend, in the early years after the abbey's foundation - and still today - travelers often visited.

Fortunately, they came to the right place.
After all, they were welcomed with open arms by the fathers of Grimbergen . They were offered a glass of home-brewed beer to warm their spirits.

A beer tradition that would form the source of inspiration for the legendary Grimbergen beer almost 900 years later.

Een andere tijd

At that time, water was unsanitary and could transmit many diseases.
However, brewing beer purified the water and added the necessary nutrients to the drink. Therefore, beer was safe to drink.

Good thing, too.

Although the Grimbergen Fathers led a solitary life of work and prayer, they also strongly believed in treating others as you would want to be treated.
They believed in community and welcoming people with open arms, and of course with a well-brewed glass of Grimbergen beer.

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To this day, the abbey is rooted in hospitality and brewing traditions that made it possible to serve the people nine centuries ago.
Whether bottled or tapped, whether you are from elsewhere or here, the fathers will continue to spread the true spirit of Grimbergen for generations to come.

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