Double Ambrée

Rich and Malty - 6.5% ABV

A malty Dubbel-style amber beer with rich, deep and bittersweet flavours.

For Grimbergen Double Ambrée, hints of caramel, dried plums and hops mix with a deep maltiness featuring lots of caramelized notes. The overall sensation is bittersweet, with aromas dominated by sweet ripe fruits.

Dark caramel malt

Gives the beer its characteristic amber colour

Barley malt

Roasted barley malt adds sweetness and ripe fruit to the palate.


Fresh hops lend a distinctive bitterness to the head



Rich & malty Dubbel-style beer

Our Dubbel style beer uses dark caramel malt, giving the beer a rich and deep flavour and its characteristic amber colour.

Grimbergen Double Ambree goes well with...

...depth and taste in a dish, especially those with roasted and caramelised or dark fruit flavours. Pair with a roast, beef stew or rich sauces to truly unify the aromas and taste of both dish and drink.

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