Grimbergen Ignis Quadruple

10% ABV

The beech-smoked malt and hints of caramelised sugars leave a delicate touch of fire in the aroma, enriched with subtle notes of raisin, plum, and fig.

The rich sweetness is balanced elegantly with a soft bitterness for a full-bodied yet smooth finish. 

Dark fruity taste

Plums, figs and raisins provide a delicate sweetness together with the malt

Beech-smoked malt

Smoky malt lend a taste of fire to the experience


Playing second fiddle supporting the great malt and yeast body



A fiery, dark and smoky brew

Generous notes of roasted malt, oak, caramelized sugar and hazelnuts, underlined by impressions of dried fruit, cloves and other warming spices. 

Grimbergen Ignis Quadruple goes well with...

...wild game or warming stews, whilst its inherent smokiness makes it ideal for cold cuts of smoked meat, or smoked fish like halibut or salmon.

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