Grimbergen Triple d’Abbaye

Rich and Smooth Spiciness - 8.0% ABV

A full-bodied, complex beer with a rich aroma of spicy floral notes.

For Grimbergen Triple, notes of coriander spice and clove accompanied by floral notes blend with a beautiful balance between sweetness, spiciness, bitterness and acidity. The 8% ABV accentuates the beer’s aromatic richness and spicy character.

Barley Malt

Roasted barley lend a rich aromatic richness


Coriander spice adds subtle floral aromas and refinement



Rich & smooth Abbey Beer

This malty full-bodied beer, which was traditionally reserved for distinguished guests has a distinctive note of coriander spice that adds richness, subtlety and refinement





Grimbergen Triple d’Abbaye goes well with....
...more flavour intense food elements such as trout, lobster or a salad with blue cheese – choose food that is inherently and naturally flavoursome and high umami content rather than roasted flavours eg strong cheese or oily fish. If planning a menu, Grimbergen Triple d’Abbaye will work wonders with dishes based on the following ingredients: Pork, Lamb, Cheese (Blue and Hard Cheese), Lobster, Salmon, Oysters, Onion, Asparagus, Smoked Fish, Bacon, Parsley, Chili, Clove, Apricot, Orange, Thyme, Fig.

Suggested Recipes


Thai Coconut Curry

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