Grimbergen Blonde

Rounded and Balanced - 6.7% ABV

A smooth, Blonde ale with ripe yellow fruit flavours, a spicy note of clove and a dense, cream-coloured foam.

Grimbergen Blonde is dominated by ripe fruits, spices and honey in the nose blending with sweet and bitter flavours in the body. Associations to pineapple, liquorice, pear and clove immediately come to mind. Perfectly balanced, extremely persistent and exceptionally complex.


Ripe fruit flavours of pear and pineapple

Grimbergen yeast

Unique to Grimbergen is the yeast, providing the fruity and spicy notes.



Rounded & balanced TOP-fermented
abbey beer

Our special GRIMBERGEN yeast ferments at a high temperature (26 degrees), which helps to give the beer its richness and intensity.

Grimbergen Blonde goes well with...

...Belgian cuisine or other wholesome dishes of the world, taking your meal to a flavourful next level. Also superb as an ingredient - try adding to your next cassoulet.
If planning a menu, Grimbergen Blonde will work wonders with dishes based on the following ingredients:
Chicken, pork, cheeses, potato, onion, garlic, cabbage, artichoke, egg, parsley, rosemary, parsnip, butternut squash, peach and juniper.

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