Grimbergen Brassin de Noel

Intense and Malty - 6.5% ABV

An amber Beer, brewed for the winter season, dominated by caramel aromas, liquorice and ripe fruits.

Grimbergen Brassin De Noel is a spicy and rich mahogany-coloured beer with aromas of caramel, apple and ripe fruits. A brew to be enjoyed during the winter season, it has fine aromas of macerated fruits and spices that compliment the sweetness from the malts. An exceptional, aromatic beer with sweet and generous flavours balanced by a subtle bitterness.

Barley malt

Provides a deep, caramelized sweetness


Adds a generous flavour with a subtle bitterness



Intense & malty abbey beer

According to historical tradition, as winter approached, the Abbey Fathers would gather with local villagers to share a beer of exceptional quality, brewed with barley from the last harvest of the year: the Christmas brew.

Grimbergen Brassin de Noel goes well with....

...a Christmas dinner, roast meat or a heavy pâté. It is also an excellent companion to fruit cakes and fruit desserts, where the beer can match the sweetness in the food, while acting as a refreshing accompaniment.

If planning a menu, Grimbergen Brassin de Noel will work wonders with dishes based on the following ingredients:

Pork, Duck, Liver, Red Cabbage, Saffron, Chestnut, Walnut, Hazelnut, Caramel, Toffee, Apple, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cherry, Plum, Fig, Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate.

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